Closed System Testing

South East Laboratories - buildings services water analysis South East Laboratories - buildings services water analysis

At South East Laboratories, we work extensively with stakeholders and service providers in the building services industry.
One area of our expertise is in testing the quality of water in closed heating and chilled water systems.

Microbial activity can affect efficiency and lead to loss of control of organic descaling and corrosion treatments which can be effectivley reduced with regular water analysis form South East Laboratories Ltd.

The process of sampling of closed circuit heating and cooling systems, from the initial construction stage, pre-commissioning cleaning to routine operation is to provide vital information in regards to the condition of the system and the water within it, that may include, but not be limited to, water quality, microbiological contamination and corrosion activity.

The objective and requirements for water sampling and analysis will vary according to the life stage of a closed system. A detailed sampling and analysis plan to achieve these objectives should be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines;

BS8552:2012 Sampling and Monitoring of Water from Building Services Closed Systems – Code of Practice

Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems (BG 50/2013)

In addition to our expertise in these systems , we provide fast-turnaround water analysis for:

  • Legionella
  • Microbial analysis
  • Metals

Full details can be discussed with our Laboratory staff, please do not hesitate to contact South East Laboratories to discuss further.

UKAS Accredited

UKAS 9856 smlSouth East Laboratories Ltd., has received UKAS accreditation for water testing for process, potable, recreational and surface water.
This includes both chemical and microbiological analysis. We test water for business, leisure and domestic premises.

The full certification is available
to view on the UKAS website

First Class Service

At South East Laboratories we provide our clients with a professional service to maintain a personal approach to our analytical testing.

Customers have constant access to test results in our Lab Portal service and our guidance and advice is always available to solve specific needs.

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