South East Laboratories awarded UKAS accreditation

The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) has approved accreditation for South East Laboratories Ltd water testing services. The water testing and analytical scientific laboratory in the Medway City Industrial area, serves the South East of the UK with enhanced testing provision for the City and the Greater London area.

South East Laboratories Ltd., was first granted the UKAS accreditation Water Testing in 2017. The laboratory was certified for its high quality analytical facilities and met strict international quality standards for testing facilities for both chemical and microbiological analysis in water. The certification documentation can be viewed on the UKAS website here.

Jorge Alvarez Pinera, Laboratory Manager at South East Laboratories said: “It has been an exciting year for South East Laboratories Ltd since the laboratory started developing its water analysis services in late 2016. Since opening, our staff have been devoted to achieving the renowned UKAS accreditation, whilst meeting client standards and gaining clients trust."

South East Laboraties Ltd., now extends its testing to allow premises and facilities managers to meet the legal obligations with regard to Legionnaires' disease.

Legionnaires’, a severe pneumonia, is a respiratory infection caused by Legionella pneumophila. Other Legionella species could be a potential health risk as well (Pontiac fever). Moreover, they are an indicator of potential presence of Legionella pneumophila. These are all tested for in our UKAS accredited labs. The infection is contracted as a consequence of inhalation of water aerosols carrying the bacteria. Any water system could be a source of Legionella given the right conditions (dead legs, stagnant water, hot temperature between 25-45 degrees Celsius). Showers and taps are the most common sources of Legionella infections.

South East Laboratories Ltd., advises: "Protect your businesses and residential premises and home. Reduce the risk of Legionella contamination by regularly monitoring your water systems. Remember, it is a legal requirement for all businesses in the UK to have a scheduled risk assessment for Legionella presence in their water systems."

Holding UKAS accreditation confirms we have high quality testing systems in place, and it endorses our customer's confidence in our wide range of analytical services for testing water for a wide range of business sectors. Our testing facilities can be used to meet individual and complex testing needs and we will design bespoke testing profiles and sets to mesh with any individual routines and requirements.

Please call  01634 715141 or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to go through your scenario and we can design testing sets and routines to your exact requirements.

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UKAS Accredited

UKAS 9856 smlSouth East Laboratories Ltd., has received UKAS accreditation for water testing for process, potable, recreational and surface water.
This includes both chemical and microbiological analysis. We test water for business, leisure and domestic premises.

The full certification is available
to view on the UKAS website

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At South East Laboratories we provide our clients with a professional service to maintain a personal approach to our analytical testing.

Customers have constant access to test results in our Lab Portal service and our guidance and advice is always available to solve specific needs.

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