waste water monitioring by south east labs

South East Laboratories Ltd., can help in the testing and analysis during the process of acquiring discharge licenses.

This is an essential service we provide for operators in the building services and maintenance industry.

Waste water and light effluent needs to be accurately assessed to acheive and maintain a discharge license in the UK. 

We provide rapid test results for process monitoring for users of biocides and caustic substances in industrial and installation cleaning.

Contact us to review your needs as we have a wealth of experience in water analysis.

South East Laboratories

We offer a full range of high quality analytical services for Potable water, Process water, Surface water and Recreational water.
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UKAS Accredited

UKAS 9856 smlSouth East Laboratories Ltd., has received UKAS accreditation for water testing for process, potable, recreational and surface water.
This includes both chemical and microbiological analysis. We test water for business, leisure and domestic premises.

The full certification is available
to view on the UKAS website

First Class Service

At South East Laboratories we provide our clients with a professional service to maintain a personal approach to our analytical testing.

Customers have constant access to test results in our Lab Portal service and our guidance and advice is always available to solve specific needs.

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